No Design Costs | Huge Down Payment | Hassle

98 Cents a day is all it takes to get your own website. Get a fully functioning modern website for your project or small business that looks good on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. For 98 Cents a day (billed monthly) you can get your business or brand online without having to pay for separate hosting! Have questions? Call us at 480-788-0644

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The most affordable web solution.

How It Works

Get started on your new website today! For a very low down payment we can get your website started and have a quality website for your project without you having to pay outrageous fees!

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98 Cent Websites (Standard)
$29 Down / 98 Cents A Day
Hosting Included
Social Media Integration
Website Design
Basic SEO
2 Email Addresses
Buck 99 Websites (eCommerce)
$59 Down / $1.99 A Day
Hosting Included
Social Media Integration
Website Design
Basic SEO
Online Shopping Cart Configuration
5 Email Addresses

Get an affordable website for your business or project for 98 Cents a day.

These affordable websites are published and ready for review in two weeks. Upon your order, you will be redirected to a form that lets you fill in the information we need to get started. Our support team will email you within the next business day! Your automatically billed subscription keeps your site online and available for your customers to search for.

For $29.40 down and $29.40 billed monthly you will get website design and hosting, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars in down payments and design fees.

For 98 Cents a day, you get all that you need to have an online presence.

Your 98 Cent website includes a Home Page with your submitted logo and information, an About Page, a Contact Page and two specialty pages that we cater to your specific needs (ie Menu Pages for restaurants, Event Pages for bands or FAQ pages for specific trades). The websites are hosted on a secure server and are built to look great on desktop or mobile devices. If you already have social media profiles set up, we can link your site to them at no extra cost!

If you need a little more from a site, like the addition of a shopping cart for items you manufacture your self, or other features, we offer that on our Buck 99 platform!

98 Cent Websites delivers an honest product for less.

Unlike other drag-and drop website solutions, your site will be search engine friendly and 98 Cent Websites will NEVER try to upsell you on things you don’t need like aggressively priced SEO packages or other confusing internet products that the big companies make extra money on. We offer a simple and modern web solution for an affordable website on a subscription basis for the customer that wants to focus on their business or projects.