Compelling CTAs on Your Website

A quick and easy way for your website to see more engagement is through the use of calls-to-action. These CTAs can be anything from a ‘buy now’ icon to a ‘make an appointment’ button that is easily accessible to readers. 98 cent websites call-to-action is on our homepage and reads ‘sign up now.’


When you incorporate any call to action on your website you are going to see an increase in engagement. You will see more website clicks than ever before. Maybe it is because a viewer accidentally slipped up and clicked on your CTA or your CTA is so enticing that viewers will not stop.

CTAs are designed with your interest. Once the user makes the choice to click on your CTA, you have all the control. You have the ability to market them more effectively based on your audience. It is a good idea to take into consideration your target audience and adjust the design of your CTA based on your audience. You want to make your CTAs as persuasive as possible as you want to receive as many clicks as you can.

Easy to Find

Your website should have a call to action somewhere, preferable on the front page or cycling on every page so the viewer is always aware of the action. Focus on designing buttons that are vibrant and bold so your reader has no trouble finding it. You want your website to stand out from the others. Identify user pathways and at what point on the site your audience is most likely going to need that button and move forward.

You want to utilize compelling language to encourage more clicks and maintain interest. If you have more information to expand on, place a CTA that states ‘read more.’ Your CTAs must be clear and visible so your customers have no confusion. It is your job to make sure your CTA does not get lost in the shuffle of other text on your webpage.