Difference Between Registration Websites and Event Websites

There are many ways to advertise your event or special occasion. The best way to get people informed about your event is to create a website! Email invitations are a thing of the past and get often overlooked. That is why you should turn to a professional for your registration and event sites!

Registration Websites

A registration website is usually built for one thing, which is the registration process of your event. These sites are the best to use for smaller events because these websites do not need as much promotion. They are clear cut websites that take you to a page where you can RSVP to an event.

These websites still provide you with adequate information, but not as detailed as an event site. Read more to learn how event sites are more complex!

Event Sites

Event sites, on the other hand, are created for larger events. This kind of website includes details, content, pictures, and descriptions of what your event is. With having an event website you are trying to get people aware about your event. You want your viewers to understand exactly what they are attending and how they can RSVP.

An event website always comes with a registration site so your viewers that want to come to the event can RSVP. These sites allow the creator to get more in-depth about the occasion and draw the viewer in. Event sites are great for promoting and marketing!


You want your website to receive as much engagement as possible. That is why you should have low bounce rates. Bounce rates determine how long customers are on your site. If your bounce rates re high then that means people left your site quickly. If you see your website starting to incur a high bounce rate, try changing up your landing page to seem more enticing to viewers.

Regardless if your website is a registration website or an event website, it should incorporate these main factors:

  • Responsive
  • Branded
  • Contain all event info
  • Be accessible and easy to ready