Free Website Evaluation

Need a free website evaluation? Do you have a website you feel should be modernized? Perhaps your current site needs to be updated to perform essential functions on mobile devices that weren’t considered when the site was being built?

Free Website Evaluation
Free Website Evaluation

We would be glad to take a look at your site and give it a once over. 98 Cent Websites builds websites for small businesses and personal blogs. A majority of our clients came to us with the websites they had that needed to be updated, rebuilt or had functions added that were specific to their needs.

Fill out the form below, and our developers will give the site a free evaluation. Please include any other questions you may have. 98 Cent Websites would love to help you have a better online presence for your business or project!

At 98 Cent Websites, we offer managed websites for small businesses, brands and anyone who needs a basic, yet focused online presence.

Unlike drag and drop solutions like WIX, Squarespace and other DIY alternatives, 98 Cent Websites does the work for you. There are no design fees, no hosting fees and no massive deposits or up front costs. For about $29 down and $29 a month we design a site to your needs.

Our sites are ideal for services, artist, food trucks, small businesses and personal blogs. If a client needs e-commerce, we offer the Buck 99 platform at under $2 a day that allows the client the ability to sell unlimted amounts of products to a worldwide audience.

Have more questions about 98 Cent Websites? Check out our FAQ!

If you need a more robust web solution, like drag and drop product designers, custom apps, full social media marketing or products like whiteboard / explainer videos and a full compliment of other web resources, check out our parent company Bleazy USA.

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Need a free website evaluation? Do you have a website you feel should be modernized? We can help.