Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a website really cost and are there any fees involved?
Our name says it all. For 98 Cents a day, you get a full website. That price includes the design of the site, the hosting of the site, basic SEO, and 2 email accounts.

We do it this way because most small businesses have money invested in other aspects of their business. Some companies don’t even have websites because coming up with hundreds of dollars for design and yearly hosting contracts can be daunting.

Our program is based on a subscription model, so as long as your account stays active your site is live at a very affordable rate of less then a dollar a day.


Getting Started

How do I get started?
The first step is to make an account depending on the type of website you need. If you need a basic website for your business or brand and don’t need an e-commerce store built with it, click here to start a 98 Cent Website. If you need a website and a new way to sell products online, you will need a Buck 99 website, which you can start setting up by clicking here.





How do I buy a domain for my new website?

The only price not included is the domain name. We sell that separately because each business owner or brand has to own their domain in their own name. The cost of a domain is $15 a year for basic domains like .com, .net, .org or could cost more if you want a specialty domain like .store or something custom.

When you order a new 98 Cent Website and create your account, the first task is purchasing a domain. Type in the domain you would like to purchase and select the type of site (.com /.net/.org etc) using the dropdown selector on the right.


Frequently Asked Questions
Enter in the domain you would like and select the type using the selector on the right.

Once you purchase your domain it is yours for a year and will need to be renewed exactly one year later. Should you miss a payment or let the 98 Cent Website expire, your domain remains yours until that renewal date and for every year that you choose to renew it.

How will I know if the domain I want is available?
The signup form will help you determine if your domain is available to purchase. If no one has purchased the domain you would like you will get a response like this.

If your attempt to purchase a domain shows this, simply select the amount of time you would like to prepay for your domain and click continue.
If your attempt to purchase a domain shows this, simply select the amount of time you would like to prepay for your domain and click continue.

Sometimes a domain has already been purchased by someone else, and you will get a message like this.


All is not lost! If you select “Try Another Domain” it will take you back to the first screen and you can use the dropdown selector to try another version. For example if the .com is taken, try selecting .net or an alternative domain type and try again.

What if I already own the domain I want to use?
To utilize a domain you have purchased before, select the button that says “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers” and enter the domain name and extension.




Can I get an email that matches my domain?
Every 98 Cent Website comes with 2 email accounts that are linked to your domain at no extra charge. For example you can set up and so that different members of your team can focus on messages that pertain to their departments.

How do I access my new email accounts?
Your email account can be accessed by entering into the web browser. You will enter your email address as the user name and the secure password we provide you to read and send emails. If you would rather the email is managed from your Gmail, Yahoo or other online email service we are glad to help make that happen.

Am I able to purchase more email accounts?
As your company grows you may need to establish more email accounts. We offer extra emails for only $2 a month that can be turned on or turned off based on your needs.


Social Media

Will there be links to our Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels?
Absolutely. at 98 Cent Websites, we understand how important it is for your message to spread out to where potential clients may be. Social media is critical, and most companies have already set up profiles on their own. We will include prominent links from your website to as many social media profiles as you would like at no extra charge.


Embedded Content

Am I able to embed things like Bandcamp, Big Cartel, Soundclick, Shopify, Etsy or other similar online solutions?
There are countless resources online for the DIY and small business people looking to get their word out and raise awareness online. If you have already began working with resources such of these, we will add the code to your new 98 Cent Website at no extra cost. Bear in mind, if changes are made on an external site, those changes will appear on your website as well. 98 Cent Websites does not control the content on external sites or solutions.


Turnaround Time & Support

How long does it take for the website to be built?
After you place your order our support team will be sending you ‘tickets’ or emails and messages that require your action so we can build the site with things like your logo, business profile and other items about your business to make the site match you r branding and message. The faster the tickets are replied to, the quicker the site is completed. The site can easily be completed in about 7-10 business days if the client submits everything asked for by the ticketing system.

How do I access the tickets and submit my assets to 98 Cent Websites?
When you set up an account with us, you will receive and email with the login, password and link to your account. If you ever need to access the account there is a link at the top and bottom of our web site.

After you log in to your account, you will see your dashboard.

In the grid at the top there will be a section called tickets with a number above it. Click on that number and you will be taken to an area that has all of the items that need your attention.

When you see this list, click on the task and complete the form (like the one below). The ticket is sent back to our team and we make the updates to your website.

How do I ask for changes or get support for my site?
To request a change, simply submit a ticket! After you log in to your account and go go the ticket are , to the left of your dashboard you will see options for support. Select “Open Ticket”, fill out the form and the task is added to our workflow to be addressed as soon as the same or next business day.