Making your Website More Interactive

A huge aspect of receiving engagement on your website is to make it as interactive as possible. Your viewers are going to be more persistent if they have some sort of obligation to take on when on your website. Incorporating icons that require clicks/comments will allow your viewers to learn more about your company as well!

Social Media Access

A great way to get more exposure on your business platforms is to incorporate easy access to those social media accounts! Your viewers are going to want to see all the content they can. The best way to do this is to give them that access through your webpage.

Calls To Action

Ways to promote interaction on your website are to implement calls to action, discussion forums, quizzes/polls, and social sharing features. A big hit on the internet is up-to-date quizzes/polls that allow for feedback. Individuals find meaning in answering questions that pertain to your business because they feel like their opinion is actually being valued.

Encourage Feedback

An interactive webpage is all about the feedback you are receiving! A great way to encourage your viewers is by posting content that allows a comment section below. Whether positive or not, this should benefit your business extremely. Feedback is the best way your business can improve because you are receiving real-time questions/concerns that you may have never found out otherwise.