Professional versus Personal Website

When establishing the kind of website you are trying to portray, it is important to understand the difference between a professional and a personal website. First, you need to think of the purpose of your webpage and who would be the audience. From there, you should have a good idea of which direction you want to go.

Professional Webpage

A professional website should have clear and straight to the point content. Many professional/ business websites keep their information as informative as they can. You want the viewer to truly grasp what it is you are selling or promoting. It is important that careful planning goes into the web design as well. The flow of your webpage should be consistent throughout every tab because this establishes a clear theme. The theme of your website should embody your businesses color scheme and logo to set a solid foundation.

The functionality of your business website should be of the best quality as you want people to keep coming back. It is key to hire a professional web designer because that is the quickest and most efficient way of getting your website up and running.

Personal Webpage

A personal webpage gives more freedom to the admin. Users should have a good variety of content, blog writing, and about you information so they can get a better sense of who you are. This is what personal webpages are all about. A good way to enhance a personal website is to incorporate blog writing. This is a great way to engage viewers and create a fan base.

Opposite of professional websites, personal websites are encouraged to change frequently. Viewers like to see updates on new blogs, ideas, or even products because this shows that you have the latest knowledge on topics and you care about the audiences engagement. Don’t forget to get creative! These webpages get the most viewers when they have an unique look to them.