Promoting your Website through Offline Marketing

A website can be promoted many different ways: offline or online. It is important that we take into consideration the multitude of platforms our viewers can access our website. Every website can benefit from offline promotion. The year is 2018 and technology is becoming more and more efficient to the lifestyles we live.

Hand Written Advertising

A well reciprocated way of advertising that may seem like a thing of the past that is still relevant when it comes to marketing your website, is with an old fashioned hand written invitation. Brochures and flyers are a great way to get your company’s name out into the world. If a passer-by even takes a glance to notice your flyer, you are doing right. You can also track how well they are doing by creating tags they can pull off and keep.

Another good old offline marketing strategy that is overlooked is direct emailing. You will be surprised at how many responses you get from sending out emails to new and future customers. Everyone has an email, so why not market to them?

Supplying business cards to hand out is crucial. Your website will not be taken seriously if it doesn’t have a professional business card to give out. This enables you to reach an older audience, while also showing your younger audience how passionate you are.

Outdoor Advertising

Another offline marketing strategy is outdoor advertising. If you ever come across a local event, like a concert, party, or play, speak about your website and business there! Getting your voice heard is a huge way to get outsiders to come in.

Hiring sponsors to help promote your website can go a long way. It is very fascinating how much of an increase in viewership you will receive if you are able to get a credible sponsor for your brand. Be sure to really dig deep into who your sponsor is, because they are ultimately representing you.


People love freebees! At local parks or events, hand out shirts, bracelets, notebooks, and pens with your website logo on it. If you hand out enough of these items, it is sure to end up in the hands of a potential customer! Your website will soon start seeing more engagement in no time! 😉