Web Design Trends 2018

The layout of your website sets the entire tone you are trying to portray to your viewers. If you are just starting your business it is a good idea to take a look at the latest web design trends of 2018! Keeping up-to-date with the latest styles of web designs can make or break your website.

Broken Grid Layouts

2018 is setting the bar high when it comes to the overall layout of a website. We are seeing more of a switch from normal grid layouts to more complex ones. Websites are pushing away from the typical up and down content/text design to more of a mix. Now, text and content drift in and out of gutters that usually serves as hard stops. Do some research on broken grid layouts to see just how you want your website to be portrayed. Broken grid trends allow your site to be more eye-catching to viewers.

Floating Navigation Menu

A good way to keep your customers aware of all that your site can do is to incorporate a drop-down floating navigation menu. The menu now moves with the scroller as viewers switch pages or scroll down to see more of your site. This helps keep your viewer visually attached to your website, while consistently knowing what services you provide.

A tip to keep in mind when adding in a floating navigation menu is to create a shadow behind it so it does not overlap any other text on your pages, but simply showcases over it.

Incorporating Videos

When you have complex information that you are trying to portray to your viewers, a great idea is to incorporate videos into your website. Sometimes you cannot get all of your information across from just an image. Videos are great for how-to videos or step-by-step instructional videos. These are the easiest ways in which our consumers can grasp the information we are putting out there.

Principles Come First

Your website should start with principles before anything else. You need your viewers to understand how your website works, how it looks, and how it sounds first. Before you add any content, you need to have well-defined principles on what is what or else your future or current customers can get lost.

Illustrations Take Center Stage

When you add images onto your website, you want them to be the center piece of your website. Any images that you showcase on your site should be worthy enough to be the main piece of the page. This allows you to really analyze what pictures are worth showing and what are not.

These are just a couple trends that we are seeing this year! If you are lacking some engagement on your website it is a good idea to incorporate these ideas. 🙂